Arctic Sound E352

Audio, Peripherals

Packaging and Contents

The E352-D ear phones come in a sleek silver box with a see-through plastic middle part showing off the main content.

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When opened I find the wooden ear phones themselves which appear to be manufacturer of quite a high quality grain of wood. They may look a bit old man-ish, but there is always that certain level of class that comes from products sporting burnished wood. Be they on a car dash, or on your headphones; I guess.

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You also get a fancy ear phones carry case, with a clear indicator of its maker.

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Also provided are two extra sets of silicone caps, a place holder which can be attached to the cable and a manual, written in ten different languages.

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The headphones feature no volume control or other features, so let’s crack on with testing.

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Last modified: May 11, 2014

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