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It’s important to keep your tires at the correct pressure, but checking them and pumping them up can be a bit of a hassle with a traditional pressure gauge and pump. Audew’s portable compressor tries to solve this problem, offering an easy-to-read digital readout, automatic shutoff once the correct tire pressure is reached and built-in LEDs for nighttime use. It also comes with a selection of adapters, allowing it to be used with bicycles, sports balls and other inflatables. We’ve tested the pump out, so let’s see how well it performed in our full review!


Maximum pressure 150 psi Continuous working time 8 min
Product power 120W Operating voltage DC 12V


So it’s time to check your car’s tire pressures and re-inflate them as needed. Your car probably has the tyre pressures necessary listed in the door, as shown below:

You will have to remember (or ask Google) whether 100 kPa was exactly 1 bar or had some slight conversion factor, because your gauge only lists measurements in bar and psi… or you can use the Audew compressor, which makes it easy to set the desired pressure using a digital display in one of the three most common units (psi, kPa and BAR), without having to convert between them beforehand!

You simply increase or decrease the on-screen pressure using the plus or minus buttons, then flip the start switch. The compressor automatically inflates the tyre to desired pressure and then stops. Interestingly, once the target pressure was reached the compressor keeps running, but the pressure won’t rise- there must be a bleed valve that’s activated.

The Audew’s digital pressure gauge is much easier to read for so many reasons, making it a real lifesaver in the worst scenarios.

Would you rather be bent over, holding a torch in your mouth trying keep your head square, trying to divine whether the gauge was reading 2.4 or 2.6 Bar since the needle’s vibrating, or looking at the clear, backlit LCD that has automatically stopped at the right pressure for you?

Let’s not forget that it has a built in LED light and connects up the to the tyre valve with a lever to minimise pressure loss. The analogue gauge would still inflate your tyre, but in the worst situations, the digital one would make your life a damn sight easier doing it.

Also, it still sits under your boot perfectly, and is shaped to fit inside a spare wheel. The picture below shows it stowed in a BMW 530i GT boot.

Wrapping up

The Audew digital pressure gauge is a worthy upgrade over older analogue equivalents, boasting sufficient usability advantages to warrant its cost. In short: if you find that keeping your tires correctly inflated is an absolute chore, this pressure gauge will at least ensure you waste little time in achieving it.


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Last modified: June 5, 2018

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