Aorus X7 SLI Gaming Laptop Review


The Aorus X7 is the first properly portable dual-GPU gaming laptop. While its height and width are considerable – even more so than the average 17-inch gaming laptop – it is thin and light. This means that if you have a bag big enough to handle it, you’ll enjoy an incredible power to portability ratio.

The X7 is an excellent first model for the new Aorus brand; its creators have done well here to take their efforts to produce the ultimate gaming laptop to the next level. If you’re looking for a 17-inch gaming laptop, you won’t find anything better than this. 10/10.


  • Impressive performance thanks to dual GPUs and high-spec components used throughout
  • Classy design with careful flourishes, an understated muscle car
  • Very thin given its power, without noise or thermal issues


  • Oversized chassis makes for a tight fit in all but the largest bags
  • Glass trackpad gets greasy quickly; this ain’t no MacBook
  • Middling battery life can’t compare to all-day Haswell designs



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