Antec Twelve Hundred v3

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The interior of the case is much better looking than the one found on the Antec Six Hundred v3 (, simply because it has an interior paint job. It’s not a lot of effort, but it makes all the difference.

Antec Twelve Hundred

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All the cables for the fans are tied up to begin with, keeping things neat before you bung your hardware in there.

Antec Twelve Hundred

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Here’s the big 20cm fan mounted at the top of the cage.

Antec Twelve Hundred

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The base of the case has some silicon spacers for the PSU which helps reduce vibrations and gives it some room to draw air in from underneath it. However, it would have been nice to have seen a grill in the base of the case to isolate the PSU’s cooling system.

Antec Twelve Hundred

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Just a little way along from this are four mounting holes, which Antec hopes you’ll use as an SSD mount. However, they also provide you with silicon spacers, to help reduce vibration in a piece of hardware with no moving parts? Right…

The front panel of the case comes packing a whopping 3 x 12cm fans with a triple barrelled drive cage in front of each allowing for a lot of storage if you so choose. This case could quite easily be used as a server chassis.

Antec Twelve Hundred

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Flipping over to the other side, we have the rear of the motherboard tray. As you can see from the myriad of holes and cable ties found on this side, Antec take cable management quite seriously. All the routing holes also have rounded edges to prevent finger slicing as well as cable shearing.

Antec Twelve Hundred

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Last modified: August 24, 2011

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9 Responses to :
Antec Twelve Hundred v3

  1. Whoopty says:

    As usual, any comments are appreciated. Please let us know what you think of the review. If you feel we could do a better job, tell us here.

  2. Stilo says:


    the 2.5″ mount is not alone for ssd. It can also be use for 2.5″ hdd (from laptops ect…

  3. friskyolive says:

    is it possible to fit a redeon 6990, in some way, like removing a hdd cage?

    1. Whoopty says:

      I imagine yes, but it would be a tight fit. I’m afraid I don’t have the card to hand to be able to test right now though.

  4. Francesco says:

    hi, in the cons of this product you say there are not dust filters, but it’s not true.
    They are in the front panel, in front of intake fans, and there’s one in the side panel.

    1. Miguel says:

      I can confirm as well that there are dust filters, in the side panel window and in front panel case for the hard drives.

      Please be a little more careful with reviews because they can be a little misleading and people can miss out a great product as this one.

      1. Whoopty says:

        It is indeed a great product, however my version did not have dust filters. Perhaps it was a pre-release. I’ve tweaked the review to say that the case now comes with filters in certain places.

  5. Erik Sørensen says:

    The big minus for this case, is the problem with big CPU coolers. If you like me have a 140 mm Noctua CPU cooler, there is no room for a 120 mm fan on the side panel. And with today’s large Videocards that get hot, it’s not ideal without the side fan cooling the videocard. I have the Antec twelve hundred v.1 and before I got the big cooler I loved this case very much. Lot’s of space, good solid case made of aluminium and steel. Sad it’s to small for the modern CPU coolers. Antec should make this case wider, like 25-28 cm wide, then it ould be the best case ever made.

  6. Paul Davis says:

    I have had this case for a couple of years now. I had a smaller Antec case that I sold so I already knew the good quality. I have all my fans set at low and a massive Noctua NH-D15 Premium cpu cooler. Man that this is massive! When I installed the side fan I had to trim one of the corner tabs to make it fit. No big deal. The whole unit runs pretty quiet even though it’s right next to me. I have been contemplating changing to a Corsair liquid cooler. I have something like 5 hard drives with two being SSD’s. Even with the AMD Phenom Black overclocked it still runs cooler than my older system running at normal speeds. My case is the updated version and did come with filters for the front and side. I also installed fans on the back side of the HHD bays.

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