Antec Six Hundred

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Test Rig

Processor AMD Phenom II x4 965BE

Motherboard Asus Crosshair IV Formula

RAM 2X2GB G-Skill Ripjaws DDR3-1600

Graphics Card Gigabyte GeForce GTX 470 SOC

Sound Card Asus Xonar D2X


To get an idea of how good the case is you have to look at whether it’s effective at cooling, if it’s quiet or sits there humming like a microwave, how well it’s built/how strong it is and price as well as reporting on the general experiences with the case.


Cooling and noise

Even though Antec didn’t include any intake fans for this case it did an alright job of cooling. It kept most of my hardware at an acceptable temperature, with the exception of the processor. The stock AMD cooler had trouble keeping the CPU under 60C sometimes while gaming but adding an intake fan on the front and one on the side helped to keep it down.

The fans themselves have 3 speeds. On low they can barely be heard and medium isn’t much louder (though something started rattling on the top fan on medium-high speeds, I couldn’t locate the source but it was slightly irritating) but on high it’s a different story. The whirring of the fans was very noticable, though still not as much as the stock cooler I’d put on the processor.


The case seems quite sturdy, it has a decent bit of weight behind it for a mid case and the whole thing feels well put together. Even though nearly half the side panel is made from a clear, plastic like material it’s still strong and would require quite a bit of force to bend it. This coupled with the weight of the case leads me to believe it’s constructed from steel as opposed to the weaker alluminium.


This case sits at around the £60-70 mark, not too much but when you consider the alternatives to this that are around the same price it doesn’t look so good.

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Last modified: March 10, 2011

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