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While installing the motherboard (using the screws provided by the manufacturer) I noticed that some of them just span around in the risers instead of screwing in. Not all of them just two or three oddly, this was also the case with the screws provided by Antec.

At first I wasn’t impressed with the insides of the case being left bare grey, but once you actually get some bits in it starts to look better and after switching it on, the fetching blue glow from the fans makes it look pretty good. But it could still do with having the interior painted, it just comes across as lazy designing otherwise especially considering the flashy exterior of the case.

Antec 600

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If you have a long graphics card it may block the 3.5” drive bay infront of it, those of you with multiple graphics cards should make sure there’s enough room for your drives and cards before buying.

Antec 600

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Antec 600

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While it does have some provisions, I feel this case is lacking in cable management and because of the way the PSU is mounted I had to route some of the cables over the top of the motherboard.

I noticed that the side panel on this case is very clear, my experience with windowed cases usually involves lots of fingerprints, smudges and foggy screen so this was a nice change.

The moonroof seemed to attract a lot of dust and I was slightly dissapointed with how dark it was. I’d like to have been able to see a bit more of the bits and pieces inside but as you can see, installing an optical drive in the top bay makes it redundant anyway.

Antec 600

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Last modified: March 10, 2011

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