Antec P193 Performance One

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Antec’s new P193 doesn’t deviate that much from the original, but that’s a good thing. It witholds its build strength, strong cooling characteristics and its cable management is still top notch. I like the moving of the side fan to a more exterior location and the increased front panel venting will play a part if you decide to add in some front intakes.

I still think the interior needs some work and that these larger super chassis really need some sort of PSU extender for those that struggle to reach, but all in all this is a solid case that would do most gamers or enthusiasts nicely.

Pros Cons
Looks great, professional with gamer edge Big, means PSU cables are stretched
Cools well and quietly, plenty of expansion room No interior paint job, some edges still sharp
Ample cable management space No PSU intake vent
Removable drive cages and bays
PSU is sequestered away



Thanks go to Antec for providing us with this kit.

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Last modified: March 7, 2011

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