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While the interior might not have the build quality of the exterior, the chassis as a whole is certainly sturdy enough to protect you internals well. The side panels are a little more flimsy and do flex under pressure, but it’s nothing to worry about too much. Overall, build quality is good, but there are places where I’d have liked to have seen the attention to detail and craftsmanship that the exterior exudes.

Noise and Cooling

While I was surprised to see no front mounted intake fans, I think the side panel 20cm fan should provide enough cool air to keep the internals chilled. I like that this has been moved outwards from the interior in this model of the 193, as this allows for larger GPUs and CPU heatsinks to be utilised without clearance issues. On top of that, this large fan and the other three exhaust impellers are all reasonably quiet. Sure if you use the built in controller to crank them up to full speed you’ll not be the happiest guy around, but when they’re all trundling along at “low”, you can barely hear them.

The P193 also have several cooling upgrade options, allowing you to add in more intake fans at the front for extra cooling potential.


Cable management is handled well in this case. The rear side panel has plenty of space for routing the fatter cables through and some inbuilt cable ties to keep things nice and neat. There’s also some excellent routing, erm, routes, through the base PSU area though I do have one problem with this. As with many large cases, I had a real problem stetchying my 4pin motherboard power cable all the way from the bottom to the top. Case manufacturers need to take this into consideration. It would be fantastic if they could have some inbuilt extension cable of some sort.

I also liked that all the HDD cages are removable if you don’t want them there. This makes it easier for the installation of custom hardware as well as bigger graphics and expansion cards. However, I will stress that I really think the interior needs a paint job; it just looks so OEM in that horrible blue/grey.


This newly revamped Antec P193 will run you around £120. Not too shabby.

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Last modified: March 7, 2011

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