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When beginning the installation of my chosen hardware I found it quite annoying having to shift around all these little cables attached to the built in fan controller. If they’re pre-attached, couldn’t they be much shorter and easier to manage?

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Having a mini-ITX board to hand thanks to Zotac, I decided I’d give that a shot. Installing it was nice and easy without any real problems. I can’t really forsee larger boards becoming problematic either.

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While re-installing the HDD cages, I found a small plastic flip top tray that allows for the storage of, something. It’s not a bad little hidey gole.

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Each of the cages have plastic runners along the top and bottom which make the sliding in and out quite smooth, but they do scratch quite easily.

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This shot is one of those “count the black dots” illusions. However, it also acts as a fan mount at the front of the case should you want further air intakes. Notice the washable fan grill.

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I was going to install the USB 3.0 front panel connector, but it seems you can’t plug it straight into the mobo, you have to route it out the back of the case and into a rear socket. I get that this allows it to be more of a stop gap while mobos add in front panel USB 3.0 support, but it seems silly as it’s not like people upgrade cases that often.

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Installing HDDs was no problem and I found that the silicon spacers provided good support while undoubtedly helping to reduce vibrations when in operation. Optical drives required a bit more work but were no less easy. Utilising the provided drive rails you just slot them in place and off you go. It’s not as elegant as a built in toolless mechanism, but not bad.

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Last modified: March 7, 2011

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