Antec P193 Performance One

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The interior doesn’t feel as anywhere near as high quality as the exterior. It has that traditional grey/dull blue metal without a paint job of any sort. Would it have killed them to throw some silver or black paint in here?

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Within the second drive bay cage there’s two built in HDD trays. Each one can have a drive mounted into it utilising the silicon spacers provided along with the screws.

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Here’s the twin internal 14cm fans that sit in the roof panel.

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Here’s the PSU airflow area. Most edges are nicely rounded, but there are a couple in places that are quite sharp. Including the area where cables are routed through, which seems weird as this is where important power cables will be stretched through.

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Both front HDD cages can be removed with a single screw. There’s also included rings that make their extraction simple.

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The dust filter for the side panel fan is easily removed thanks to its simple slide out clip.

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Last modified: March 7, 2011

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