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Each drive bay cover is easily removed, as well as the fan filters hidden behind the two large ones at the base of the case.

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The top panel of the P193 has two large 14cm fans built into it. These are designed to exhaust hot air from the top of the case where it usually collects.

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The back panel has a fan controller mounted at the top which is connected to the three stock installed system fans. Beneath this is the back panel connector plate as well as a rear mounted, 12cm exhaust fan.

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Underneath that are several PCI brackets, a couple of water cooling tube holes ringed with rubber, as well as a bottom mounted PSU spot.

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Here’s the inside of the side panel with the large cooling fan built into it. Each panel also features dual layered noise cancelling materials.

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The underside of the case features four very nice silicon feet. They provide a solid platform for the case, as well as reducing vibrations from any internal parts.

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One thing I would have liked to see on the underside is a grill under the PSU. The problem is, that even though there is a seperate compartment for the power supply cooling, it would be much easier just to make a direct air in-take for the unit.

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Last modified: March 7, 2011

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