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To test a case, we feel the best way to do it is simply to play around with the case for a prolonged period and make sure to focus on a few key areas, describing our experience with them. These areas are:

Strength – how resilient they are. After all, it’s there to protect your internal hardware.
Cooling & Noise – will it cool your internals well enough and how noisy is it?
Features – what features does it have? Are they useful, novel?
Cost – Is the chassis cost effective and worth the money?



This is one strong case. Even with a reasonable ammount of weight and force appled, none of the panels or frame bent or flexed in any way shape or form. Even the side panels, traditionally weak points of a chassis, have proven to be quite able to take a beating. Your hardware is certainly safe within a P183.

Noise and Cooling

Noise levels with this case are as good as any other Antec chassis with the fan controller allowing you to fine tune things to how you want. The problem is the lack of fans. With only two 12cm exhaust imepellers, there is a real lack of an intake. There is space to mount up to 2 front impellers, but I would have liked to have seen at least one at stock.


Unfortuantely, there arn’t that many features to shout home about. Yes there is the USB 3.0 cable but as we’ve seen in reviews of the Nine Hundred Two v3 and Twelve Hundred v3, it only plugs into the back of your motherboard if you have a compatible slot. The SSD mount is nice but a little uneeded, though I do like the large cut out section behind the CPU coolers.

Cable management however is handled well and I really like the inclusion of a seprate PSU area, I just wish there were more options for cable routing behind the motherboard tray.


The P183 will run you around £120 depending on the etailer. This feels a little expensive for what you get.

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Last modified: March 25, 2011

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