Antec P183 v3

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The inside of each side panel is pretty bland, with just a large plastic insert. However, each panel is thick and packed with a dense material to help reduce noise outputs from the case. If you give them a tap its a very short, dull sound that follows.

Antec P183 v3

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Here the P183 shows its age a bit, not having a coloured (even if it’s just black) interior. It’s also quite small in comparison to some of the other cases we’ve been looking at.

One of the more noticable features about this case is that it has a separate PSU area that helps isolate the thermals of thet installed unit.

Antec P183 v3

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For routing cables into the case you have these little holes in the dividing wall. These can be opened and closed by utilising the big plastic slider.

Antec P183 v3

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At the front end in each of the drive cages you have these small trays with silicon spacers pre-attached.

Antec P183 v3

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However if you don’t want either of these you can simply remove them by unscrewing the thumbscrew and sliding them free.

Antec P183 v3

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Antec P183 v3

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The otherside gives a different take on things. There’s not quite as many cable holes as you’d find on some cases, but the visible-from-the-other-side plastic slider allows for plenty of cables to be routed that way.

You may also notice the large cut out section for CPU cooler back plate replacement. This does weaken the motherboard tray a little, but it’s not of too much concern.

Antec P183 v3

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There’s also several cable ties to make tidying them away that bit easier.

Antec P183 v3

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Last modified: March 25, 2011

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11 Responses to :
Antec P183 v3

  1. Thanks for the review. This is the best case out there and we use it for most of our system builds, nice to see the V3 having SSD and USB 3 ports finally, this one is living up with the times.

  2. Silence says:

    I am sorry to say that you totally missed the point of this case the P18x series represents the top end of silent PC cases for high end users the reason for “redundant front dust filters” is to dampen sound as well as filter dust as the air flows from the front to back drawing noise away from user. the original was developed with input from silent pc guru Mike Chin and with the correct set-up you can have a whisper quiet gaming rig packed in here or a total silent high power desktop. the price point represents the high quality of materials used in the construction as you will easily see the higher level of quality when compared with some of the competition some use silicon grommets for HDD enclosure that are almost like hard plastic while P18x use super soft ones. performance one series is focused on silence and you missed it.

    1. Whoopty says:

      I appreciate that this is a case designed with silence in mind, but the P183 is simply showing its age at this point. It’s not a new design by any means, and to not include any intake fans for £120 is a bit much. Likewise, there’s no interior paint job and it almost exclusively uses traditional screws. Not a thumb screw in sight.

      It’s still a good case, but it’s outshone by modern rivals.

      1. russian guy says:

        The absence of intake fans is arguably a flaw, since most of users prefer to install the ones of their own choice. Again, what use is an interior paint in a completely closed case like this, which is designed to be a solid and ultimately silent solution? :)

        1. Whoopty says:

          It’s a personal preference, but when I’m spending over £100 on a case, I want fans in the front and I want an interior paint job.

          1. Chris says:

            I bought a P180 way back, which I’m still using. That puts me firmly in the firing lines for this case. The cooling in the top chamber is absolutely spot-on, with three (one intake, two exhaust) Silent Eagle 1000s. What we actually need with cases like this is for the manufacturer to stop bundling fans altogether, as the sort of user who actually buys this case (as opposed to just reviewing it) will want to fit their own Silent Eagles or Scythe Gentle Typhoons. Bundled fans are for the same market segment as bundled power supplies; top-quality cases come without.

  3. Adrian says:

    The case is excellent. It brings the P182 and P183 to modern times, with SSD suport and cable management. I am also using a P182 and thought about modding it but now I will switch to this new case. I have owned and seen different cases from HAF X, to FT02, Define XL and Bitfenix Collosus. Only FT02 comes close to the quality of the build involved but its louder.

    Take one P183 v3 (182 in my case), get rid of stock fans. Buy 4 Enermax TBSilence fix rpm (11db). Install 1 in the back and 3 in front (used 1 KamaBay). Cover the upper fan space. Now I have an i7 2600K with fan-less Noctua NH-D14, 8gb 2133Mhz G.Skills, GTX580 with Accelero Extreme Plus fan, 2SSDs + 1 HDD. The system is virtually silent (17db) and powerful. If you can mod and move the front fans 3 cm inside the case probably the noise will go down to 14db.

  4. Count Duku says:

    I’m confused about the 4 5.25 external drive bays. You have to get an external dvd drive instead of an internal one?

  5. Frizz says:

    no :)
    external means accessible from outside (as opposed to internal 3.5″ mounts) while the door is open. You need an internal drive.

    1. Count Duku says:

      Thanks, ya I’m glad I found out before I returned it for an external one :).

  6. InaudiblePC says:

    As many have said, you missed it. This case was designed for silence. It uses a negative pressure cooling method. There are no vents anywhere except in the front, and the back. The reason there are no intake fans is that by using exhaust only, you keep a negative pressure system, and you keep the fans away from the user. The air flowing out creates negative pressure, and air wil come in where it can… The front. Right through the dust filters. Case design is not about cramming fans into a system, it’s about controlling airflow, and this case is amazing at doing just that. I’m not sure how a case can show it’s age, it’s a relatively simple item, and the only changes recently are by Silverstone, but the Raven and siblings are massive compared to this case. I’ve attained better temps with this case, in a negative pressure design than with any other case, and was able to do it with less noise from the system.

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