Antec Nine Hundred Two v3


Another solid case from Antec. The Nine Hundred v3 comes with almost all the features of its bigger brother the Twelve hundred, costs a bit less and has the new additions of the v3 range: SSD mount and USb 3.0 port. Unfortuantely both of these arn’t quite as realised as you’d hope, but they’re there nonetheless.

Still, for £90 the 900 isn’t perfect. There’s no tooless installs and the panelling could do with some strengthening.

All in all this is a nice case, but it feels like you really want to spend that extra £30 or so and get the twelve hundred, because the only reason you’d get this is if you didn’t want to spend that bit more. So I’d urge you to. Or not, your call.


  • Looks good
  • Painted interior
  • Good cable management
  • Strong and quiet cooling
  • Added USB 3.0 port


  • No PSU air intake
  • Panels arn’t the strongest
  • V3 additions arn’t well realised

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  2. Nice review :) We’ve also got one at An old school case, but none the less still rivals with the current market.

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