Antec Nine Hundred Two v3



Apart from getting some temperature read outs, there isn’t a whole lot of testing you can do to a case; unless you’re XSR that is. We spend a bit of time with each chassis, get to know them and see what they’re all about. We judge them on 4 categories:

Strength – how resilient they are. After all, it’s there to protect your internal hardware.
Cooling & Noise – will it cool your internals well enough and how noisy is it?
Features – what features does it have? Are they useful, novel?
Cost – Is the chassis cost effective and worth the money?



While certainly not the strongest case in the world, the Nine Hundred v3 will keep your hardware well enough protected. The plastic side panel window isn’t the touchest out there and I wouldn’t put too much weight on the top fan cover. However, the frame is strong enough to support some serious weight, so you’ll have no problems with this aspect of the case.

Cooling and Noise

Here the Nine Hundred v3 excels. It has some of the best stock air cooling you’ll find in many mainstream cases. Two front mounted 12cm intake fans, one 12cm exhaust and one 20cm top mounted exhaust. Not only that but you have the option to upgrade with one more front 12cm and one side mounted 12cm.

Noise wise, it’s all adjustable with the bundled fan controller. I wouldn’t recommend having everything maxed out, as that does get pretty noisy but medium and low provide an easy working or gaming environment. Silence enthusiasts will appreciate the “low” setting the most as all fans are near silent at that point.


Cable management is worth touching on again as this case handles it very well. It has plenty of cable ties to keep things tucked away, as well as many routing holes in the motherboard tray to give you plenty of options for where you want your cables to end up.

I would however have liked to have seen some more tooless install options, some clips on the PCI brackets or at the very least on the optical drive bays. Still, the front USB 3.0 slot is kind of handy, the only downside being that you have to route it through the rear of the case and attach to one of your motherboard’s external USB 3.0 ports. I would have thought you’d be better off future proofing and making it internal, but maybe that’s just me.

The SSD mount is great n’ all, but a simpe 5.25 to 2.5″ drive bay converter does the job for a couple of quid. Also the silicon mounts are a waste of time as SSDs are silent.


This case will run you around £90 brand new from most etailers, making it one of the cheaper ones from the “Write numbers in full” range, but in reality it’s still up there with the more expensive cases out there.

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  2. Nice review :) We’ve also got one at An old school case, but none the less still rivals with the current market.

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