AC Ryan Playon!HD2 Media Player

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I really liked the first generation of the ACRyan Playon!HD, and this new iteration is certainly a significant upgrade. Is it perfect? No. Will it be one day? Probably not, but ACRyan have shown a strong commitment to tweaking and patching their products in line with what their customers want.

I’d be confident in recommending this product in its current state to anyone that considers themselves a movie or media buff. Those who are mainly interested in the social media might want to wait a while, but anyone else, get yourself one of these, it’ll revolutionise your lounge.

Unless you’re already rocking a HTPC, in which case you’re probably fine…


  • Great media player
  • Much better file organisation and access
  • Gigabit Port
  • USB slave 3.0
  • Yotube and social access works reasonably well
  • New UI is really nice
  • Music can now shuffle


  • Wearker remote power
  • Twitter/facebook access is a bit buggy
  • USB 3.0 only slave option
  • EZ drive isn’t that great


Last modified: March 22, 2011

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2 Responses to :
AC Ryan Playon!HD2 Media Player

  1. Lossy says:

    DO NOT BUY THIS. It is about the worst thing I have ever purchased. Bad interface, slow, wireless dongle doesn’t work. Keep well clear…

    1. Whoopty says:

      Shame you had such a rough experience with it. Apart from a reasonably lengthy boot time, I havn’t had any speed problems. Wireless works fine, interface is good. Would have to disagree I’m afraid.

      Update: I also know that they have a firmware update this week which is set to improve performance and fix a few bugs. Check it out if you’re still unhappy.

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