Kingston DT Ultimate 3.0 32GB

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The packaging is fairly clean and simple, showing you the flash drive itself from the front. In the bottom right corner you can see the symbol indicating the 5 year warranty included with this drive.

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On the back you get some specifications and can see the supplied Y cable.

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Opening it up we find a small lanyard allowing you to attach it to your keys etc.

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The Y cable supplied is for plugging the drive into a USB 2 slot.

On the back of the inlay in the packaging is a little diagram discouraging you from using the drive in a USB 2.0 slot without it.

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After some research I learned that this may be because the drive can’t draw enough power from a single USB 2 slot but after some testing it seemed to work fine without it. This may not be the case for all USB 2 systems (such as laptops, netbooks etc) so I advise carrying the cable with you just in case. A little inconvenient but better than a non-functional flash drive when you need it.

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Last modified: March 7, 2011

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