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While there are many firms that come and go in the PC hardware word (Vvikoo being one of them) XSR has always done it's best to represent the new guys as fairly as the more established. While this does give us a warm glow in our bellies it also allows us to watch future high end players grow from a small startup to something massive; Roccat is one such company. Delivering solid products at almost every turn and despite huge delays on certain hardware, they've managed to carve themselves a nice share of the the already heavily populated gaming peripheral market.Today I take a look at their latest mouse, a revamp on what has become a classic. It adds all the new innovations that Roccat has come up with since the rodent's initial outing, as well as updating the sensor to bring it to a rediculous 6000DPI. Ladies and gentleman feast your eyes and palms on the Roccat Kone , a monster of a mouse with an impressive feature list.

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