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Sensei NES Cartridge
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Not sure if it was supposed to get here before Christmas – probably, though I haven’t seen any other sites mention them – but it’s a little “holiday” present from Steelseries. Not only do a I get a little thank you note that I’ll quote from below, but an old school NES cartridge with some custom labelling on it. Unfortunately, because I was a Mega Drive (Genesis) gamer in my youth, I don’t own a NES. I need to find someone who does though, as if this works and continues to tell me how cool I am, that’d be epic.

We wanted to send a little token of nerd-appreciation to you for the incredible review that you gave to the Steelseries Sensei mouse. This is our way of saying thank you for taking the time to review the newest and most awarded, Steelseries mouse! Enjoy this original, NES “badge of honor” cartridge that recognises you as a reviewer and lover of this fine little peripheral.

Happy Holidays,

The Steelseries team.

It was incredible wasn’t it. If you haven’t read it yet, you obviously need to now. Here’s the link.

Sensei NES Cartridge
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The back of the cartridge also has a new label.

  • May results in serious ass clicking.
  • May cause headshot injury and trauma
  • Do not fondle while whispering “my precious.”

3 responses to “Look what I just got”

  1. That is amazing I love it!

    Did you ever get to put it in a working NES console??

  2. That is utterly amazing.

  3. That’s a really nice gesture by Steelseries… They just got +10 points of affectioness from me!

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