Happy 6th Birthday XSR

Happy birthday to XSReviews, as today we celebrate the 6th anniversary of its creation. I just want to take this opportunity to thank everybody that’s read and contributed to our content over this time. Our reviews might not be the most in-depth out there, but we pride ourselves on always offering honest opinions. If we make mistakes, we do our best to correct them.

I hope to continue that ethos well into the future and I hope you’ll be there with us.

Thanks again, here’s to the future and an excellent 2012.

PS. Look out for an anniversary competition here very soon.

2 responses to “Happy 6th Birthday XSR”

  1. So how soon is “very soon”? It’s been a month since the birthday and no competition yet.

  2. Happy birthday, XSR. May you be successful and continue for many years to come.

    And on a personal note, bring on the competitions. :)

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