Desperate Upgrade Winners Announced

Thanks to everyone for entering this competition, it’s been hard choosing between the heart felt pleas and the humourous requests for an upgrade. It’s a shame it had to be whittled down to just five as I could easily have picked 10 or more of you.

However, five is the magic number in this instance, so please ladies and gentlement, put your hands together for our winners:

Steve Q
Curis Golen

I hope you all provided legitemate email addresses with your entries. I’ve sent out confirmation emails of your win(s). Please send over your addresses and I’ll get the prizes out to you as soon as possible.

As to the rest of you, thank you once again for entering. We hope to have another competition soon so watch this space.

2 responses to “Desperate Upgrade Winners Announced”

  1. I want to let you know that I ended up building an HTPC around this card. I used and old CPU and hard disk, added a case, motherboard, RAM and DVD drive, and ended up with a pretty decent setup. It’s still not fully functional because I’m waiting for the $60 boot drive SSD and Pinnacle video capture device I ordered, and then I’ll reinstall it and configure it, and I think it will work great. (It’s helpful even in its current form, because my DVD player is dead and my streamer also died recently.)

    I’ve been dreaming of an HTPC for a while, and I feel that I owe XSR thanks for helping making it a reality.

  2. Thanks!

    I have sent you my address in email right away!

    Keep up the good work writing these reviews! :)

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