Welcome to the new XSR

Welcome one and all to the new fancy, pretty and fully modernised XSReviews.co.uk. We’ve got a new CMS, a new theme and a new logo. Hopefully you’re liking what you see and we’d love to hear any feedback or comments that you have. Fortunately now you can do this quite easily. Click through to this post and post a comment below, as you’ll be able to do with every post from now on. We’d love to see what you have to say on our reviews, news and articles as we’re always looking to improve our work.

6 responses to “Welcome to the new XSR”

  1. Wow! this is a sweet facelift! Kinda miss the forums though ^^

  2. Wow.Looks sleek.Thanks for the E Mail about the change. :)

  3. Sweet! WB, XSR!

    These reviews are frickin awesome! xD

  4. Glad you all like it!

    The current advertisement is a bit busy but all the small details will be worked out; the new website will ROCK the old one!

  5. Yeah, WELCOME BACK!!!

    It’s been a while but nice to see you’re back again.

    Too bad about the forums…even though I can understand why you gave up on them, as there was very law traffic recently…

    Anyway, GOOD LUCK with you new site!

  6. Welcome back, XSR! Glad to see the new XSR :)

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