Speedlink announce Maxter headset to debut at Gamescom 2017

German peripherals company Speedlink have taken to Gamescom 2017 to unveil their latest gaming headset, the Maxter. It comes in stereo and 7.1 surround sound models, and will suit the PC or PS4.

We haven’t gotten on well with all of Speedlink’s headsets in the past — one of our reviews had the subtitle ‘Once a Gorgon, Always a Gorgon’ — but this one seems to sport a new design that should hopefully fix a lot of the comfort and usability issues we had with previous models.

The headband adopts the same triple-component design as the SteelSeries Siberia, with two wire-carrying tubes held aloft over the leather-style headband. Speedlink promise that this will give you ‘the ultimate gaming comfort when pulling an all-nighter’. It’s a proven design, so hopefully reality lives up to the hyperbole.

The press release also makes a big deal of the microphone, promising it is both adjustable and made with high-end internals. We haven’t had any issues with the microphone in past models, so hopefully that will continue with the Maxter. However, the flexible mic design is one that I feel is quite dated, so I hope that we’ll see them adopt a more standard flip-out mic somewhere in their lineup of PC headsets.

Of course, no new gaming peripheral would be complete without RGB lighting, and the Maxter duly follows the trend. The headset can be illuminated in red, green or blue for three colours in total, which is almost as many as the 10.5 bazillion colours offered by some competing models.

The Maxter should arrive on store shelves sometime this autumn, and we would imagine that a review unit will make its way to the XSR tech warehouse in a similar time frame. No prices for the UK have been announced, but looking at the rest of Speedlink’s range I wouldn’t expect it to break £100.

We’ll have more information about the Maxter when it arrives, so stay tuned!

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