Roccat Kone Aimo gaming mouse is delightfully on-trend

German peripheral manufacturer Roccat has been cranking out gaming mice for what feels like forever, and they’ve definitely had a few hits over the years. Their latest release is particularly exciting though: the Kone Aimo. The Aimo combines the two biggest trends in gaming mice this year: multiple-zone RGB lighting and no acceleration optical sensors.

Let’s look at the lighting first (oh, the pretty colours!). Where most mice use lighting within their scroll wheel and in a coloured logo under your palm, the Kone Aimo is a little more sensible. It instead puts the lighting where you can actually see it while you’re using the mouse, on the sides of the body rather than in the centre. (It also does the scroll wheel thing, which makes sense.) The lighting can be any shade your polychromatic heart desires, and does all of the normal modern things like reacting to your situation in-game and syncing with other Roccat peripherals you may or may not have.

The sensor is also interesting. Roccat say they’re using a modified Pixart 3361 sensor, capable of DPI rates of up to 12,000. (I will personally be using it at 400 DPI, and maybe sometimes 800 DPI if I’m feeling particularly excited.) The sensor promises to give you “a lethal advantage in any game”, which must be traumatising for anyone playing Winnie The Pooh: Home Run Derby.

The Aimo is also packed with more than the usual amount of buttons. Roccat are touting a “tri-button thumb zone + 3D tilting Titan wheel”, which combines with a shift button that allows you to access a second layer of macros or keyboard commands. That takes the total number of programmable buttons from twelve to twenty-four — pretty impressive stuff.

The Kone Aimo is available now for £69.99 in the UK, and comes in three different colours: black, grey and white. We’ll be getting one in to review, and we’ll of course let you know what we think once it arrives!

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