Sonytech 2.1 Speakers at Glopipe


Glopipe has a new press release for Meroncourt and Powerdrive having new stock of Sonytech:"I promised you Spanish style earlier, now take a look at these Soyntec 2.1 Speakers Voizze 221,Wooden Subwoofer in white or orangeDescriptionSoyntec introduce you a 2.1 multimedia speakers system for computer, with an exquisite and exclusive design. With volume and bass control, wooden body, etc. Fit your PC with the most unbelievable soundSoyntec 2.1 Speakers Voizze 221, White Wooden Subwoofer"

Features36 month guarantee | Maximum output power: 100 W | Magnetically shielded | Total output power (RMS): 10 W RMS | Wooden body subwoofer | 2.1 stereo soundagain retailling for under a tenner ! In our warehouse now ready for your order

Last modified: February 24, 2011

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