Sapphire Ships new HD 4770


"SAPPHIRE Technology is now shipping a new model of the highly acclaimed SAPPHIRE HD 4770 – a powerful midrange graphics card for enthusiasts on a budget, now with better connectivity and a custom cooler by Arctic Cooling.""The earlier SAPPHIRE HD 4770 was the first card in its class to use GDDR5 memory and was based on the first ever GPU built in 40nm process technology, but was quickly sold out. The new model is a SAPPHIRE original design based on the same GPU and a special cooler built exclusively for this product by Arctic Cooling. The new SAPPHIRE HD 4770 also features native HDMI, VGA and DVI connections on the rear bracket, supporting a wider range of displays without the use of adapters."

"The SAPPHIRE HD 4770 uses the powerful graphics architectures from the ATI division of AMD, incorporating multi-purpose stream processing units and improved memory management architecture. With 640 stream processors

Last modified: February 24, 2011

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