Glopipe: Sitecom Unveil TV Media Player

Sitecom have announced the WL-355 Wireless Network TV Media Player which makes it possible to wirelessly play digital movies stored within the network, on a hard disk or USB memory stick directly on the TV with High Definition quality (1080p) so the user can fully enjoy their digital files from the comfort of their couch.With the new Sitecom WL-355 Wireless Network TV Media Player from the Smart Living line, the user can easily and wirelessly play digital movies and music or view photos directly on the TV; thereby guaranteeing maximum comfort and the best possible High Definition (1080p) quality. Due to the growing use of digital content and in order to meet the demand for user-friendly solutions the Media Player enables to easily play media that are saved within the network on for example a computer or Home Storage Center (NAS), but as well files stored on an external hard disk or USB memory stick. The external memory can be connected via one of the two USB 2.0 ports; as a result the user can effortlessly view saved media which are not stored on the network as well . The second USB port can be used for the included Wireless Dual-band USB Adapter which allows to wirelessly stream media via the standard 2.4 or

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