Glopipe Shows off Envision Camera

Glopipe have been showing off a new Envision camera they're selling: Being completely self serving last week, I had to start planning ahead for my family’s Christmas boxes. I know one of my sons really wants to showcase his music on myspace so I thought I’d have a quick look on Amazon to see their small, easy-to -use camcorders and the Flip looked like just what I needed. However, having seen some of the bits of kit from Energy sistems that we’ve been getting recently, I took a quick peek on their site to see if they did anything in that range at all. Take a look at the ENNVISION 6200 it is all Patrick would need and more for less than the price of similiar camcorders and a three year guarantee !With this little beauty users can record video from a TV set or DVD player directly into Ennvision 6200’s MPEG4 format. Other outstanding features are its large 2.5

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