NZXT Hue V2 ambient lighting kit revealed

PC hardware doesn’t feel quite complete these days unless it comes with RGB lighting – whether it’s internal components or peripherals, almost everything comes with tiny LEDs that can light up in a million different shades for our ocular enjoyment. NZXT have been leading the charge on the component side of things, with a range of RGB-emblazoned CPU coolers, case fans and lighting strips. This week, the American company went outside of the box with a new version of its Hue 2 RGB ambient lighting kit.

The idea here is to add powerful RGB light strips to the back of your gaming monitor, allowing their glow to fall onto the wall behind. And unlike the RGB lighting embedded in most monitors, this lighting can be dynamically controlled with NZXT’s Hue 2 hub and CAM software, allowing it to reflect anything from in-game events (like a bomb exploding in Counter-Strike) to the current temperature of your graphics card. There’s even a proper ambient lighting mode which attempts to match the dominant colours of what’s happening on screen, producing a subtle but pitch-perfect accompaniment.

The upgraded Hue 2 Ambient Kit V2 is designed to be easier to use than its predecessor, with stronger adhesives to keep the light strips in place and L-shaped corner connectors that simplify the installation process. NZXT are also throwing in some alcohol wipes so that you can wipe down the back of your dusty monitor and ensure a perfect fit.

There are two options available that suit different monitors: one that fits monitors between 21 and 25 inches or ultra-wides between 34 and 35 inches, and one that fits standard aspect ratio monitors between 26 and 32 inches along the diagonal. Both are the same price, which is £90 in the UK. Both are available for pre-order now from, with the kits shipping out from March 25th.

We’re looking to get the Hue V2 kit in for review, so stay tuned!

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