Leaked iPhone 6 cases show enlarged 4.7″ screen, new button layout

Leaked images of iPhone 6 cases provide an insight into the new phone’s size, button layout and features.

The new iPhone has an enlarged 4.7″ screen with six rows of icons, a lock button placed on the right hand side (moved from the top) and a headphone jack and Lightning port together at the bottom of the phone.

The cases are made of two materials – TPU and polycarbonate – with the TPU being used internally (shown alone at the bottom left) and the polycarbonate in two sections on the outside (shown alone at the bottom right).


A second image shows a different iPhone 6 case design from the same manufacturer. Here a single piece of polycarbonate is used for the rear cover, with a TPU case inside. This kind of hybrid setup maintains full scratch protection, with the polycarbonate insert providing good rigidity in the event of a drop or knock.

Source: Mobile Fun

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