Khan Aimo gaming headset completes Roccat’s RGB peripheral trifecta

Late last year Roccat debuted their Kone Aimo, which we found to be a a well-designed optical gaming mouse with some interesting context-sensitive RGB lighting. They’ve also produced a mechanical keyboard in the same vein, the Horde Aimo. Today, Roccat have unveiled the final piece of the Aimo puzzle: the Khan Aimo, a gaming headset that plugs into the same clever software.

As with other RGB headsets, the Khan Aimo is USB-powered and therefore includes its own sound card which Roccat say is head and shoulders above most motherboard audio solutions. The headset provides virtual 7.1 surround sound, which can be nice for some games and movies, or you can stick with traditional stereo sound.

The headset resembles the Khan Pro that we reviewed in December, but it’s become a little chunkier thanks to the new gubbins that have been attached — you’re looking at a weight of 275 grams for the Khan Aimo versus 230 grams for the Khan Pro. Hopefully, the headset will wear the extra weight well, and follow in the generally balanced and comfortable footsteps of its predecessor.

The Khan Aimo headset will debut soon at a price of £109.99, and we should follow this coverage up with a full review once a sample is available. Stay tuned!

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