Corsair announce upgraded 10,000 DPI Sabre RGB mouse


Today Corsair announced their latest mouse, an upgraded version of the Sabre with a new 10,000 DPI sensor.

Like many new mice, the new Sabre’s high-DPI sensor is optical instead of laser; these sensors are preferred by many competitive gamers thanks to their lack of acceleration or interpolation, factors that can make accuracy harder to learn. 10,000 DPI is probably higher than anyone will actually use — I’m currently on 800 DPI and mulling a switch to 400 DPI — but it’s nice to have the option, I suppose.

The new Sabre also includes a nice swathe of lighting features, including four lightable zones and full RGB lighting that let you pick one of 16.8 million colours (in theory). There’s also a DPI indicator, which changes from colour to colour to let you know what DPI setting you’re currently on.


The Sabre is the company’s low-weight mouse, at just 100 grams, and it comes with a low price point too. It’ll cost $50 in the United States; UK pricing has not been announced but should be in the region of £40. The mouse is apparently available immediately, although I haven’t been able to find it at a UK retailer yet.

Take a look at the mouse in our gallery below, check out Corsair’s official site and let us know what you think in the comments!

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