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Crucial Ballistix Tracer DDR3


Today was an interesting day. Not only did I get to check out some of the latest products from one of our fine sponsors, but I also got to meet the two members of the UK Pr arm of Coolermaster, Mingkei and Marloes.

Travelling halfway across to UK to meet me, I was already rather flattered when they began showing off a few of their products in the quaint local pub known as The George Inn. It made for some rather interesting contrasts: high level cases and coolers with a log fire and antlers in the background.

The Products

The main attraction today was the CM 690 II which comes packing almost every feature you could want in a case. It’s got dust filters, several large starting fans, optional extra fans, removable HDD cages, tooless design on all drive slots and bays, CPU backplate access, watercooling slots, floor mounted PSU and more. However one interesting feature was a slide back cover on the top near the IO panels, which allowed for the plugging in of a small SSD or HDD of 2.5" dimensions.

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One extra which I quite liked was the PCI-E card support bracket, designed to give heavy multi GPU setups a better chance at not collapsing under their own weight.

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They also showed me a new range of PSUs called GX, some new fans known as Excalibur and the entry level cooler from a new range sporting a Masterflow fan design. Look out for reviews of these products soon.

Thank You

It just remains for me to say thank you to both Mingkei and Marloes, and of course Coolermaster for taking the time out to meet with me. Thanks to Mingkei for lunch also; it was delicious.

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Last modified: February 23, 2011

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