What do smartphone hardware improvements mean for games developers


It’s been yet another fascinating year in the world of smartphone development with impressive new innovations from market leaders like Apple and Samsung.

And whilst much of the press attention around these mobile devices has been on everything from security to camera capacities, it’s also true that the hardware of the latest generation of smartphones offer games developers some pretty impressive opportunities.

Screen size

Just a decade ago we used to be happy to play simple games of Snake on our tiny smartphone screens. But the latest generation of super-sized smartphones has changed all of that.

Incredible new mobile models like the Samsung Galaxy S8+ feature a huge 6.2-inch Infinity Display that enables games developers to provide us with games with richer graphical definition than ever before.

As a result, a series of games with HD graphics like Injustice: Gods Among Us and DC Legends have set a new benchmark for games developers.

Audio quality

Source: feber.se

But it’s not just improvements in visuals that have raised the bar for games developers. This is because new smartphones like the Apple iPhone 8 Plus are about 20% louder than previous models without suffering any loss in audio quality – definitely something that the Google Pixel could learn from!

Whilst audio quality might not be too important for players of the casino games at InterCasino, for any game that requires a sense of drama and suspense, it’s clear that audio quality is hugely important.

So look out for how the next generation of horror mobile games like the new Stranger Things title look to take advantage of this impressive new smartphone hardware.

Battery improvements

Source: iFixit

As our smartphones start to offer higher graphical and audio quality than ever before, it’s clear that battery life is going to have to meet the challenge.

It’s a problem that has been the bane of the mobile industry since it began, with the recent Apple iPhone 8 Plus showing that it is not resistant from such battery issues.

So any developer who wants to be the real deal in this competitive domain will know how keeping the games of a fairly short duration is going to be critical to ensuring that the player’s poor mobile device doesn’t overheat.

Thankfully powerful smartphones like the Samsung Galaxy S8+ now include a relatively sturdy 3500mAh battery cell to ensure that games developers can pack in plenty more gaming adventures without worrying about whether they are going to cause a meltdown in the user’s mobile device!

Last modified: October 13, 2017

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