Valorant: What It Is and How To Play It

The makers of League of Legends, one of the most strategic games of all time and one that’s continued to grow exponentially, have a new game. It’s called Valorant and brings that same level of strategy to the fps genre, riffing on games like Counter-Strike and Overwatch.

The early beta version was released in April for a selected few countries and required a key to log in. The game finally went live on June the 2nd and is now available to download and play for free.

What is Valorant?

Valorant is a shooter in which the players select from a pool of 12 agents, then play a best-of-24 match with each round lasting for around two minutes and no respawns permitted between rounds. It’s a team affair, with five on each side, and the winner is decided by a combination of raw aim and strategic skill. Players in the Valorant community commonly refer to clever in-game moves as “200 IQ plays”, especially when one player is able to out-position and out-think a greater number of remaining opponents.

Players can teleport, put traps, bring up walls, summon strikes from the heavens, throw poison, shoot catastrophic arrows, etc. The best thing about the throwables in this game is that some allow players to curve the trajectory in mid-air, allowing creative plays to zone out defenders on a bomb site for example. However, abilities are generally non-damage dealing, and the gunplay remains critical to the experience.

How to play it

The players select an agent of their choice, each with their own unique set of themed active or passive abilities. After selecting an agent, players participate in the 5v5 team battle.

In the first half, one team tries to implant a spike in one of two or three sites, while the other team tries to prevent the spike from being planted or defuse it. If the spike isn’t planted, it’s also possible to win a round by eliminating the enemy team. The roles switch in the second half. During the battle, the players can use their agents’ signature ability, which recharges for free during or between rounds, along with the ones they equip from the shop. Combining clever use of these skills with good aim is critical for success, especially for players seeking to take on the enemy team single-handedly to achieve an ace, or five-kill round.

Playing Valorant using a VPN?

A VPN allows gamers to have the ultimate gaming experience by taking care of the following:

Protection from DDoS attacks

When players cannot connect to the main server, regardless of their internet connection, even if other players are connecting without a hitch. Then this issue might be the result of a DDoS attack. This is especially common for well-known pro players or streamers, but can affect anyone if their IP address has been leaked.

A DDoS attack might be in progress if the internet has no issues, and bandwidth is fine. But still, the player gets no response from the main game server.

During a DDoS attack, the attacker sets up multiple bots who repeatedly send trash to the player or the server they’re trying to connect to, overwhelming the computer’s ability to handle the sheer quantity of incoming traffic – which can reach up to 400GB/s. As a result of this trash transfer, the computer can go down. To prevent this from happening, the gaming community strongly recommends using a VPN.

Players of Valorant do not wait for such a problem to occur; they prepare themselves for this battle beforehand. They equip themselves with proper equipment that protects them from DDoS attacks. It gives them the ultimate gaming experience while preventing hackers from using their connection as a tool to manipulate the server processing.

Play games everywhere!

Time is of utmost importance, and with each passing day, we get to enjoy less and less of it. When it comes to gamers, they tend to make the most of the hosting information they have at whatever free time they have by playing online games on the commute, in a cafe, or anywhere while on the move.

By doing so, gamers get what they want but at a high cost, the cost of being connected to a public network. Playing games on a public network is insecure and dangerous.

A VPN can help gamers play without any worries. It also lets players access restricted regional content, which otherwise would have been unavailable.

Avoid Bandwidth Throttling

Players might experience a drop in their internet bandwidth for Valorant or any other specific game while other games and websites are working fine. This issue is known as Bandwidth Throttling.

Bandwidth Throttling can be summed up as following:

“A phenomenon that occurs while using a particular website or an app, the players’ network bandwidth goes down while bandwidth for other websites does not.”

Why does it happen? It happens because of limits placed by the internet service providers after monitoring the average bandwidth a user needs. When users require a bandwidth that they rightly paid for, these limiters kick in and limit the bandwidth. In other words, the user faces Bandwidth Throttling.

By using a virtual private network, the issue of Bandwidth Throttling can be effectively taken care of.

 Wrapping up

So that’s what you need to know about Valorant. Try the game for yourself and let us know if these tips were helpful.

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