Types of Slot Machine Games

Virtual casinos, also called online casinos, are the modern-day versions of traditional gaming centres. Other than the convenience that these casinos offer, they often have higher betting odds and pay-out percentages compared to brick-and-mortar casinos. One of the popular casino games since its inception in the 1890s is the slot machine, also called the puggy, or fruit machine. At their most basic, slot machines require a player to insert a coin, push a button and wait for the reels to stop spinning for the player to be rewarded according to the slot’s combination.

Below are the most popular slot machine games you should consider trying out in an online casino.

Classic fruit machine slots

The classics have not been phased out altogether with the technology that now dictates the gambling world. There are still online classic fruit machine slots that feature the fruit symbols and flashing lights typical of the game. Though they do not come with free spins, bonus rounds and gamble features like other slot machine games and have tight betting margins, classic fruit machines are still the best choices for a nostalgic trip.

Video slots

The digital era has heralded the popularity of video slots that use computer-generated images for the display of interaction among characters, bonus rounds, game reels and symbols. Video slots, also called 5 reel slots, are currently the most popular among gamers who choose an online casino in the UK because of the exceptional graphics, sound and animations that make them engaging. Moreover, the main characters in these slot games are popular characters from musical groups and movies or are built around a specific theme. As such, all gamers are sure to find a video slot that means something to them.

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Franchise slots

Those who spend some time in online casinos might have come across slots with familiar brands from the sport, music and movie worlds. These are officially licensed games with audio or visuals called franchise slots. Their licenses are acquired by software developers rather than operators meaning the games are not exclusive to specific casinos. Some of the largest franchise slots nowadays are Family Guy, Deal or No Deal and Game of Thrones.

3D slots

The renewed push of graphical fidelity in gaming software has seen the introduction of 3D slots. These are much like video slots but they feature 3D animated characters that will interact with players throughout the game. Furthermore, these games have more of a narrative composition with each offering a different storyline, theme and setting to give the modern player a unique twist.

Progressive slots

While in most cases slots have individual jackpots, in a progressive slot, players across the world are playing for a jackpot that increases steadily when someone plays the game. This means that if you play and get the right combination, you take home a huge prize that has accumulated with time. The games in different places and machines are interconnected much like the lottery, and reset when someone wins the jackpot. If you are looking for a life-changing pay-out from online gaming, a progressive slot might be your answer in the list of casinos in London.

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Feature slots

Feature slots are slot games with special features including scatter symbols, bonus rounds, and extra spins, among others that maximize a player’s odds of winning. When the symbols appear in certain combinations, this activates a certain win or bonus pay-out. The bulk of online casino offerings nowadays are feature slots since this is the area where players will get as many chances to win as possible.


I-slots are interactive slot games that allow you to spin your storyline through different reel combinations or, by being part of an adventure that helps you advance in the game. There are several bonus round alternatives in the games and several ways of finishing the games. This means that there is always an i-slot game that will suit your needs.

Bonus slots

Bonus slots are found in a handful of online casinos. The slots include a single pay-out line in their middle rows. When you spin then the reels stop, you can win a special bonus if the bonus symbol appears in a specified position or combination. Bonus slots can be combined with other slot game types to increase your winnings.

The demands among online casino gaming enthusiasts change and the industry has invested in top-notch technology to satisfy their needs. The above slot games are constantly undergoing improvements and software updates to guarantee the highest levels of satisfaction among gamers. Therefore, you no longer only have to visit a physical casino for you to experience the excitement you are looking for along with a tidy amount in winnings. Moreover, online casinos are now regulated and quite secure, meaning you need not worry about the rogue service providers that were common in the past.

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