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We’ve covered tech from budget to ultra-premium here, but today we’re looking at something a little different: the best tech deals available in the UK. To find our deals, we’re using a new voucher and cashback site, Widilo. Before we get into the deals, let’s briefly discuss the site and how it works.

After all, Widilo is relatively new to the UK, though it has been around in some form since 2012 when it was founded in Paris. If you’re not familiar with cashback as a concept, the idea is that companies will pay a “finder’s fee” of sorts to whichever website brings them sales. Most websites (including ours!) will just pocket this commission to pay for their upkeep, but others like Widilo return it to their customers in order to gain a much larger audience, making their money instead from premium memberships and the like. That means that, if you’re willing to shop through the Widilo site and abide by the conditions on each page, you’ll be able to get some money back on a wide range of products. The site even comes with a loyalty point system, which provides greater bonuses the more you use it.

  • Register with your name and email
  • Use Widilo links in your browser to your favourite stores
  • Orders are tracked and you’re paid by Widilo when they’re confirmed
  • Once at least £15 clears, you can withdraw to PayPal or a bank account

1. Currys (for PC components and peripherals)

PC or console gamers know that our hobby can get pretty pricey. Sure, the cost of entry is relatively low, compared to other hobbies – just a TV or monitor, PC or console and some basic peripherals – but there’s so much more that you want to pick up once you get started! On PC, there are beautiful mechanical keyboards, advanced gaming mice, special mouse pads endorsed by pro gamers and monitors that operate with a dizzying array of specs. And that’s not even counting what goes inside the computer! It’s similar for consoles, where you can always think about the next headset, controller, TV or monitor that will take your game to the next level.

Thankfully, we’re here with Widilo to help. To start off, you can save a lot of money on Currys with Widilo; the current rate here is 1% – so if you drop £700 on a new graphics card, you’ll get enough money to pick up some discounted games on Steam or cosmetics in your favourite game. You might feel guilty spending on these otherwise, but it’s free money right? Might as well spend it on something fun. Widilo also have a collection of vouchers that can offer further savings, like discounts on laptops, Chromebooks and broadband.

2. Microsoft Store for Xbox gear

Microsoft is another obvious stop for the canny cashback-er. You can pick up Xbox consoles (when they’re in stock), as well as discounted controllers, headsets and other peripherals. The store also includes high-end PC gear, like gaming laptops from Razer and Surface tablets. Microsoft offer up to 7% back, making them one of the best retailers we’ll highlight today.

3. for esports travel (after COVID)

Some gamers get involved in tournaments that require travel, others are digital nomads by day and like to keep on the go. Well, you can travel for less with Booking discounts; and beyond the discounts, there’s the cashback factor. You can get up to 4% off here, which on a long trip can really translate into a hefty cashback! Just remember that you ought not to travel until the current human malware epidemic has subsided – be good OK?

4. Novatech for PC components

Novatech is one of the best retailers in the UK for picking up must-have components, including graphics cards. These have been incredibly hard to find recently, but Novatech have done well to keep these cards in stock – albeit at slightly inflated places that are unfortunately typical right now. Take some of the sting out of the tail by banking some cashback, with 3% offered on most items. For a £1500 graphics card, that’ll result in a tidy £45 – which seems like a good reason to shop through a cashback site?

5. Lookfantastics for personal grooming

Of course, Widilo isn’t limited to tech and tech-adjacent stuff. Feeling your best has a proven effect on in-game performance – look at the number of pro gaming teams that have hired sports psychologists and in-house chefs – so picking up some personal grooming supplies to help you feel relaxed can’t hurt. Of course, it’s also true that you may want to look your best on stream, so perhaps that’s another component to consider. In any case, if you treat yourself for less with Lookfantastics cashback, you’ll get up to 5% off. (The affiliate revenues offered by non-tech categories are a lot higher, so you’ll tend to see better cashback opportunities too!)

Straightforward setup – but any catches?

So: just register and use the links. There are options where you can get £5 cashback just for signing up with the right link, like at

The only real downside to Widilo seems to be the £15 payout threshold. However, that’s less than the payout threshold for YouTube from ad revenue; so it’s not unreasonable by any means. And there’s grand variety in sites where you can actually get cash back. This is another solid crossover point as regards Widilo and the gaming community.

Is it the right fit? That depends on your buying habits

The best thing to do is explore what’s available online as regards reviews, testimonials, and the like; then determine what sort of online buying you’re likely to do. A lot of people shop primarily from the web these days and this seems unlikely to reverse anytime soon! The thing is, since it costs nothing to get started, and you’ve got the option of PayPal for payout, there’s no real risk.

In fact, there’s something to be said for rechannelling purchasing resources toward online merchants today. Whether or not Widilo matches your expectations, they’re not the only game in town. If you’re going to shop online anyway, you might as well maximise savings and buying power. It’s not like anything in the world is getting cheaper. Widilo seems to work well for a lot of people. So from our point of view, provided you shop online in the UK or France, Widilo is worth the effort.

Last modified: February 18, 2021

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