Top 5 gadgets for sports lovers


Who doesn’t love a gadget these days?! And it’s not hard to find a tech addict who often takes things a bit too far! The great number of technological advancements that have happened over the past one decade would be of no use if they aren’t utilised for the betterment of day-to-day human lives.

Let’s take you over the top 5 gadgets that are used by sports lovers everywhere nowadays.

Training Mask

Breathing is not usually given the importance it deserves in both fitness and sports routines. Putting in effort to improve your breathing can significantly improve your workout performance, conditioning and recovery, enabling you to push your limits and accomplish more.

Image credit: US Air Force / Staff Sgt. Rachelle Elsea

This is where a gadget like Training Mask comes into the picture. The Training Mask helps you control your airflow, and alters the load on your respiratory muscles. The levels can be easily adjusted by the touch of a dial. What more, it makes you look hard and solid like Bane! Here’s what press is writing about this product.


This one’s a truly ear-free headphone that does away with the irritation of frequently falling-out earbuds when you’re out on the run. You also don’t experience any ear ache halfway into a long session, owing to its innovative bone conduction technology. Even Forbes is talking about it and is recommending to its readers!

The headphones deliver the sound of music through your cheekbones, instead of the ear canal, which also enables you to listen to your favourite music without compromising on the situational awareness. The music technology of this headset has been specifically designed for sports persons and it’s nothing short of brilliant! You can even use it if you’re a sports betting enthusiast and need to stay constantly tuned-into sports news. Apart from that these sports betting tips can also come in handy for you because, while it’s important to follow any given game as much as possible to know where to put your hard-earned money, it’s always important to know how to use that information to maximise your winnings. This, though, is just an example of a good pair of headphones being used in a way that you don’t usually think of them being used – though, unlike music, games or movies, you don’t really need the very best of the best for this purpose.


While Alexa and Siri have been the talk of the town in the mainstream marketplace, the innovative VI from LifeBEAM has made tremendous progress in the world of sports gadgets.

It’s an artificial intelligence gadget that has been specifically designed to help you make the most of your training and workout sessions. LifeBEAM VI remembers all your past attempts, adapts to your current form and sets pace in a manner that you get optimum results. Add Poweradd waterproof Bluetooth speakers to your order and you’d be promised the most fulfilling workout sessions!


If you’ve ever wondered how professional football leagues and clubs go about measuring player performance, it is with the help of gadgets like SPT GPS 2. With the advanced software called Gametraka that goes into SPT GPS, the gadget can generate a heat map of the player after a match, apart from reporting all his/her crucial statistics throughout the 90 minutes on the field. It’s the statistics revealed by gadgets like SPT GPS 2 that aid creation of key players for football clubs.


If you’re a sports person having a hard time coming up to his/her ideal fitness level before an upcoming season or for a post-season tour, things can be made much easier for you with the help of Slendertone.

These are high-tech belts which utilise electrical signals that copy the same brain impulses which are produced for the purpose of contraction and expansion of your muscles. These electrical signals target those very-hard-to-exercise body parts, particularly of the abdomen area, enabling you to derive maximum benefits from your workouts.


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Last modified: May 16, 2018

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