Tips on Keeping Broadband Speed Optimal

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In today’s age everyone wants the fastest internet speeds. They want to upload and download files quickly, surf the net easily, stream videos in an instant and lots more. But have you ever noticed your internet speed slow slightly and don’t seem to know why? There are several reasons why this could be happening which might be hindering you from getting the most out of your broadband internet.

Firstly, if you are using a wireless connection the most common problem leading to slow speeds is unfortunately your location. While wireless internet is extremely convenient and mobile it isn’t perfect. The further you get from your signal the slower your speed becomes. Another problem wireless broadband user’s face revolves around sharing their network. If you are running an unsecure network you may have users piggybacking on your network and using up your bandwidth. Or you may simply have a few members in your family who like to download too many large files at once! Either of these issues could result in slower speeds for everyone in the house.

Another problem could be with the hub computer used to emit the broadband signal. If it is not equipped to handle enough users it can get bogged down which will in turn slow the service. If you end up here and your provider can’t seem to handle the load you should consider switching!

Another very common reason broadband speeds may slow down is due to viruses and spyware. These take up valuable chunks of your internet connection and computer speed and therefore can slow everything down. Also, having old, out-of-date software (like an older version of Internet Explorer) could also cause slow speeds as well.

The best tips to avoid slow broadband are to secure your network so that only users you give access to can utilize it, to try and avoid doing any heavy surfing and file sharing during peak hours of the day when most users would be online, to secure and routinely scan your computer with a virus protection program and to keep your software and programs up-to-date.

Businesses often rely on high speed options such as T1 broadband, although faster residential options are available as well.

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