The Steelseries Apex Pro: The best gaming keyboard in 2020

When it comes to gaming keyboards nowadays, manufacturers are always working hard to bring the gaming community a constant flow of new innovative devices to make our gaming experience more enjoyable. The Steelseries Apex Pro currently holds the crown in being the number one most innovative gaming keyboard in 2020.

The Apex Pro is the largest, most innovative leap in gaming technology since the invention of the mechanical switch back in the 1990s. With plenty of one of a kind features, never seen before on a gaming keyboard, for $199, you’re set to get the best keyboard in the world.

The sleek looking keyboard features the first ever per-key actuation feature, which means you can adjust the sensitivity of each separate key to fit your particular needs, whether you want to use it for intense gaming or office work, you can set it however you like. This can be controlled by the handy, also unforeseen, built-in OLED display, which allows you to adjust your settings without having to use the computer. It is built from aircraft grade aluminum alloy, which gives it a black steel finish, which feels highly luxurious, as you’d expect from an above-average priced keyboard.

Of course, no gaming keyboard nowadays would be complete without RGB lighting. The Apex Pro also takes this up a notch, with alternate key RGB settings, meaning you can adjust the colour on every key separately.

Thanks to the built in display and the use of usually empty space around the other gaming keyboards we see, the Apex Pro managed to discard the top row of keys and moved the features elsewhere. This makes the keyboard more compact than its competitors. Weighing only 2.1lbs, which is considerably light compared to other keyboards.

It features 6 macro keys that facilitate secondary functions, meanwhile keys F9 to F12 are used for recording, profile switching and brightness.

It also features a handy USB port at the back, placed smartly behind the space between the Escape and number 1 key, so you won’t have to go through the hassle of moving the keyboard around to find it. At the bottom it also features a special carved space to tuck your cable away and shorten it to the length you desire.

You can also find the magnetic wrist rest, which is extremely soft to the touch- a nice upgrade from the old plastic rests.

All these unique features certainly play a part in making your computing experience the best possible. With features that even allow your keyboard’s OLED display to link to your PC and show you information on what you are doing or the game you’re playing. It’s compatible with a few games including CSGO, online casino games where it shows information on the game  and even social media platforms like Discord, where it shows you messages and even the image of the player chatting.

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