The Rise and Rise of Online Gaming


Online gaming is now part-and-parcel of daily life, with millions of people across the world engaging in the practice in some form or other on a regular basis. The industry’s various sectors now generate billions of dollars annually and this looks set to continue to happen for the foreseeable future. Once previously dismissed by many people as a ‘geeky pursuit’, gaming is now something that transcends age, gender and race boundaries. Read on as we take a look at five of the main sectors of online gaming that we believe will continue to power further growth in the industry over the coming years.

Eyes down for bingo

Bingo was once seen as the sole preserve of the working classes and elderly people, but that is certainly no longer the case. The rise in popularity of online bingo providers such as 888ladies has been staggering to watch, with gaming operators falling over themselves to develop exciting new games. A 12.5 percent annual increase in revenues for online bingo in Great Britain highlights just how much of a booming sector this is. Advancements in technology should drive further growth, cementing bingo’s status as a true 21st entertainment icon.

Table games and slots are all the rage

Tech improvements have also revolutionised online casinos, allowing operators to develop multi-faceted sites containing popular table games and slots. According to Grand View Research, global revenues from online gambling could reach nearly $60 billion in 2020, with a healthy proportion of that generated by online casinos. The explosion of this sector was partly fuelled by television coverage of Texas Hold’Em poker tournaments, which helped to bring casino play into people’s homes. Playing table games and slots is now firmly established in popular culture and that is unlikely to change any time soon.

Social gaming on the up and up

Gaming comes in many shapes and forms and doesn’t necessarily have to be incorporated with buying bingo tickets or betting on red or black. Social gaming has been something of a rising phenomenon over the past few years – a factor that has been driven by improved internet and mobile capabilities. Games like FarmVille, Pirate Kings and Candy Crush have become part of everyday life for millions of people, replacing activities such as reading or watching television. As mobile tech continues to advance, the popularity of social gaming should undoubtedly continue to rise at a rapid rate.

Console wars on the horizon

Fans of popular game series such as Call of Duty and FIFA will be in their element later this year as the next generation of consoles are launched. The eagerly-anticipated PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X will see Sony and Microsoft once again lock horns in the battle to create the best games console. Both machines promise to take gaming to the next level and are sure to generate huge revenues for their creators and game developers alike. The predecessors of both consoles sold millions of units worldwide and the advanced capabilities of the new versions are expected to boost sales even more.

Esports hitting the right notes

Esports was once viewed a s ‘niche activity’, but the landscape has changed dramatically on a global basis over the past few years. The sector already generates revenues of around $1bn annually and experts have predicted that the figure will continue to rise in the future. Increased exposure via major broadcasters has powered the growth, helping esports attract interest from big sponsors and the gambling industry. The esports bandwagon should continue to rumble on and could eventually challenge the popularity of more established traditional sports.

Header image credit: Garrett Morrow from Pexels

Last modified: June 4, 2020

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