The Most Popular Casino Games for PC Gamers

The facts and figures regarding PC gaming are quite spectacular. Did you know there are currently estimated to be 1.8 billion PC players all over the world? Not all of these are running state-of-the-art systems, but this statistic shows you just how massive the industry itself is.

Those who play games on their PC have different expectations when compared to some mobile gamers. The bigger screen and better sound system mean that many PC gamers are looking for an immersive experience. PC gaming can also make the controls a little bit easier. So which games are popular among PC gamers?


Roulette is a traditional game that has its roots in Europe where it was first played centuries ago. However, a lot of people now associate the game with Las Vegas, one of the global hubs for roulette gaming. In the modern age, more people play roulette online than do in person, and this includes a huge number of PC gamers.

One reason so many PC gamers love this game is the variety they can access online. Users can play roulette games online just as easily, whereas visiting a casino in person may mean you’re restricted to just one type of roulette. There are many other variations available for online players as well as bonuses and the option to play any time, and any place.

Online gambling also opens up the possibility of using cryptocurrencies. More Bitcoin transactions are thought to take place in the gambling industry than in any other industry, and online casinos are helping to drive growth in the world of crypto. Players can take advantage of quick transactions, as well as a level of security and anonymity that comes from using Bitcoin and other similar currencies.

Some studies suggest that only 5% of online casino gamblers play roulette, but a high percentage of these are thought to be using a PC to gamble. On top of that, when you consider the fact that 1.6 billion people globally gamble regularly, that still means around 80 million online roulette players.

The PC gaming experience makes it far more simple to place bets and to watch the results of each spin when playing roulette, otherwise, players may be squinting to try and see what is happening on a smaller screen.


A lot of poker players take the game very seriously, and using a PC app or even a web browser on a PC can make it much easier to control your poker playing. It is a more professional setup for those who want to take poker playing seriously.

It’s nice to have the convenience of being able to play on a phone, but a lot of poker players find it easier to control a computer interface. You can even set up simple keyboard inputs, and there are plenty of high-quality gaming keyboard options that can make it simple to raise, fold, and quickly control the interface of a poker game.

Poker games were some of the first options for online gaming, and there were poker sites as early as the 1990s. In the early 2000s, we experience a poker boom when the number of players on online poker skyrocketed.

Slot Games

Slot games are popular on a variety of different platforms. Whether players want to play on mobile, or on PC. However, a lot of slot games are now extremely detailed and include mini-games and bonuses.

A lot of PC gamers have great monitors that lend themselves to the high-quality graphics a lot of modern slot games boast. As many as 45% of casino gamblers are thought to dabble in slot games from time to time. These types of games are very accessible due to the fact that they are totally reliant on luck. Other than learning the controls, there aren’t a lot of rules for the gamer to understand before they play. On the right gaming PC, some slot games boast impressive graphics.

A Note On Casino Simulator/Tycoon Games

When you discuss casino games with PC gamers, some will automatically think of table games and slot games, while others will think of tycoon and simulator games. There are games like SimCasino which allow players to set up their own virtual casino, choose the decorations, and even run a hotel simultaneously.

A lot of people with a passion for casinos also enjoy these kinds of games, it is a very different experience when compared to playing table games, but it is another option for PC gamers.


Of course, there are plenty of other games that PC gamers can play, including baccarat, and more unusual casino games like Sic Bo. This guide shows some of the most popular games for those who are using PCs, as these people usually want to take advantage of a bigger screen and simpler controls than those they get on a tablet or phone.

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