The Birth of VR

Source: Wikipedia
Source: Wikipedia

With the release of the PlayStation VR more people can try this unique gaming experience than ever before. As the first console-specific VR headset, PlayStation VR gives PlayStation 4 owners access to a new realm of gaming. So many current games could benefit from VR and with more releases every week it is an exciting time to be a gamer.

PS VR has games in a range of genres already released. This includes action, rhythm games, shooters and god games. Lots of these games aren’t as big as other AAA releases, but they are still interesting games in their own right. Some games have been made specifically for VR while others are regular games with a VR option. Thumper is a rhythm game that can be played with or without VR. It has you playing as a little bug and sees you hitting button inputs in time to the music. The VR adds a whole new visual experience while keeping the rest of the gameplay the same.

Batman Arkham VR has been made specifically with VR in mind. It lets you put on the batsuit and be Batman. You get to solve crimes, throw batarangs and immerse yourself in the Dark Knight’s Universe. This immersion is one of the biggest selling points of VR and the reason many people are purchasing headsets of their own.

VR is not just a passing fancy. More games are coming out all the time with both developers and publishers investing heavily in VR games. The PlayStation VR will get more players into VR as it is one of the more budget friendly headsets on the market. There are so many games right now that I would love to play with VR. After recently finishing Uncharted 4, the cinematic nature of that game would be enhanced with VR. Being immersed in the world of Skyrim would also be amazing. Not all technology like this has been successful commercially yet though. Holograms have been created and one was even made of Michael Jackson. Mr Smith Casino have a Michael Jackson slot game and that would be really great to play with VR, too.

It is clear that we are only going to see more VR releases and the headsets are going to steadily become more affordable, too. As this happens more people will be getting involved in VR. More non-VR-only games are getting VR compatibility, too. The recent Tomb Raider game on PlayStation 4 also has a VR mode and these kinds of games are only going to become more popular.



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