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The best setups to play live casino blackjack

Blackjack is one of the most commonly played casino games, millions of people around the world enjoy playing this traditional card game online in a virtual setting due to the convenience and accessibility of playing from home. However, the development of live casino blackjack has now combined the benefits of online gaming with the transparency and social experience provided in a land based casino venue.

If you are new to the world of live casino blackjack, you may be a little unsure on what you need to do to get started with enjoying this popular game. The great news is that it is easy to start playing the game once you have the ideal setup all sorted.

Here, we provide some best practice tips for getting your setup perfect for joining in with live casino blackjack. Following this advice will help you to have the best experience possible while playing the game.

Minimum hardware requirements

Lets begin with some of the technical requirements to ensure your live blackjack game runs smoothly. You will either need a smartphone or a computer to access live blackjack games. If playing from a computer, a high resolution screen is ideal and should be 1080p at a minimum. A reliable processor is also needed, such as intel i5 and ideally you will have at least 8GB of RAM.

For mobile device players, your phone or tablet will need a high definition screen to give you the best visibility and robust performance capabilities. For example, an iPhone 12 or later, or for Android, a Samsung Galaxy S22 series device.

Internet capability

An internet connection is of course a necessary requirement for participating in live casino blackjack. For a good live streaming experience without interruption, you will need a decent bandwidth. This should be 25 mbps at the very least.

If playing from a computer, you might find that plugging in via the ethernet cable gives you the most reliable internet connection. A strong Wifi connection is also suitable or playing via 4G or 5G if away from home.

Audio setup

When participating in live blackjack you really want to immerse yourself in the game and feel as though you are sat at the table in an actual casino. Your senses are important for this, including your hearing.

Therefore, high quality headphones will help you to keep focussed on the game and tune out from your surroundings. If you need to communicate with or listen to the dealer for instructions, a headset will ensure that you can hear clearly.

Alternatively, you may wish to use speakers. Speakers can really help to enhance the sound quality and bring the casino into the room with you.

Security tips

Playing on a secure network will help to minimise any security concerns and help you to focus on the game at hand. Using a Virtual Private Network or VPN can help to protect your privacy and data. Install some anti-virus software to help minimise cyber threats too.

Your gaming environment

Your gaming tech isn’t the only important aspect of your setup, you should also consider your environment and your own comfort. If playing from a computer, you need a desk at the right height and with plenty of space for all your gadgets, a height-adjustable desk is ideal.

An ergonomic chair with good back support will help you comfort and avoid injury during long blackjack gaming sessions online.

Furthermore, a good lighting setup is more important than you might think. Adjustable LED lamps should help to reduce glare on your screen and avoid eye strain and discomfort.


Live casino blackjack is a very interactive game, you really need to be on the ball to assess your cards and place your bets quickly in real time. Therefore, playing in a distraction free environment where you can really focus is imperative to your success in the game.

Pick a time to play when you are unlikely to be disturbed by others and can give the game your full undivided attention. As it is taking place in real time, there is no opportunity to hit pause and come back to the game whenever suits you.

Preparing snacks and drinks in advance will help to ensure you have everything you need at hand for an enjoyable long gaming session.

Optional extras

A second computer monitor can be helpful if you want to have strategy tips open on another screen during gameplay as flicking between tabs can be very distracting. Also, having a notepad to hand can help you keep track of wins and losses and to note your thoughts during the game.

From technical requirements to ambiance, having the perfect setup has a monumental impact on your experience when playing live casino blackjack. It is worth taking the time to get everything just right before you jump into playing games.

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