The best PC gear for the casual gamer playing PC games and online slots


Gaming has become a big part of many individuals’ lives nowadays. Some individuals prefer to play games occasionally for fun, however, there are some who dedicate copious amounts of hours into gaming, thus making a living from it.

In this article, we’ll define what a casual gamer is and talk about what kind of PC gear a casual gamer would typically use. We’ll also mention how a casual gamer could play popular PC games as well as try online slots with real money from time to time.

What is a casual gamer?

A casual gamer is someone who plays games spontaneously and sporadically, without investing extensive amounts of time into it. In fact, casual gamers are more likely to play a game in their spare time. They may game in between projects, to give their mind a rest or even after a long day of work to unwind. More often than not, these types of gamers would play free games and are not likely to regularly spend money on games either.

Essential PC gear: Mouse and keyboard

Whether a casual gamer or a professional one, there are certain hardware items that one cannot do without. A mouse and keyboard are essential if any gaming is to take place at all. But what kind should a casual gamer use? Should they spend big bucks and go for big brand names or perhaps go for the cheaper options?

Since casual gamers aren’t likely to game for hours on end, day after day, they would most probably purchase mid-range hardware. This is not to say that they would buy low-quality items, but rather hardware items that are affordable and can still do a good job at providing them with an enjoyable and sleek gaming experience.

Some good examples of budget mouses and keyboards that a casual gamer would probably go for could include the following:

  • Cooler Master CM310 – This optical gaming mouse retails at approximately £20 but gamers shouldn’t be fooled by its low price! It has a solid grip, RGB lighting, 7 adjustable DPI settings and has an ambidextrous design too!
  • Corsair Harpoon RGB Wireless – At approximately £40, this mouse can really wow casual gamers. Firstly, it’s wireless which can be great for those who can’t stand entangled wires. Next, it’s DPI is over 10,000 which helps for game sensitivity. It also includes rubber side grips for more durability and comfort.
  • Redragon K502 – It’s both affordable and comfortable to use, with a backlight that aids in night usage. Casual gamers can expect to spend approximately £25 for this keyboard.
  • HYPERX Alloy Core RGB – This keyboard has some interesting features such as keyboard lock-mode, it is spill-resistant and has highly responsive keys. At just under £40, this keyboard is a little more pricey than most but its features make up for its price.

PC games and online slots

Casual PC gamers are not usually ones who spend an awful lot of time playing games. Therefore, they are more likely to play games that are free, easy to learn or don’t take too much time to complete. Moreover, casual gamers may not only try out PC games but also online slots too. Although online slots do require some bankroll to play, they are relatively easy to learn, fun to play and can be played for short bursts at any given time.

As we’ve previously mentioned, casual gamers don’t usually spend a lot of money on gaming. Even though these types of gamers spend very little time playing games, there are some who are still likely to purchase decent PC gear in order to make their gaming experience as smooth as possible. After all, if they are going to invest any time at all into gaming, they might as well have PC gear that is comfortable, sharp and within their budget.

Last modified: April 18, 2020

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