The 5 best gadgets you’ll want to have for your iPhone


If you had to choose which smartphone brand is the best known and valued in the market, there’s no doubt you’d conclude that it’s the iPhone, with hundreds of millions sold each year. Around the brand, there are endless gadgets that seek to get the most out of the iPhone – but how do you know which is the best?

Many times, the frenetic pace at which technology advances prevents and complicates the ability to keep up with new developments in smartphones and new generations of hardware. That’s why choosing which headphones are those that reproduce sound with better fidelity or which is the most reliable iPhone charger is not easy. It’s also complicated by the fact that there are thousands of accessories from all kinds of brands, with different quality and price levels.

For example, if you search for “iPhone headphones” on Amazon, tens of thousands of results will appear. And surely if you buy the first suggestion, especially if it’s the cheapest, you may not be happy with the quality or longevity of what you receive.

So whether you’re thinking about buying an iPhone, or you’ve had it for a long time but you want to multiply its potential of the iPhone, or you’re looking for a gift for women addicted to technology, we’ve made a selection of the best gadgets to raise the level of a mobile that is already amazing.

Top 5 accessories for iPhone

Practical tripods, instant printers of small size, wireless headphones or stabilizers for the iPhone that will make its owner feel, an expert in photography. In addition, if you want to discover and know other technological gift options you can consult other blogs on the subject such as Love My Senses.

1. Apple AirTags

For all people who do not easily remember where they left their keys or wallets, this is the solution. With Apple AirTags you can locate any object in less than a minute. This official Apple locator integrates a speaker that can be activated from the Search app or by speaking to Siri to help find objects that are often lost more easily.

Apple AirTags are ideal for iPhones or iPads with iOS 14.5 or later and work with Apple’s Find My app, which is integrated into all iPhones running this operating system version.

2. MagSafe charger

This wireless charger allows you to charge your iPhone 14, iPhone 14 Pro, iPhone 13, iPhone 13 Pro, iPhone 12 or iPhone 12 Pro quickly with up to 15 W of power. MagSafe incorporates a magnet that is placed magnetically and instantly on your iPhone to recharge your battery comfortably. It is the best choice to get convenient and reliable charging for its supported models.

3. Osmo Mobile 6 by DJI

For all those people who enjoy recording quality videos with the iPhone but their pulse trembles and the result of what is recorded is not as good as expected, it is best to get the DJI Osmo stabilizer.

Let this accessory help when making reels or recording with the iPhone. This gadget allows you to generate impressive clips, ensuring a stable platform for your videos. Its ergonomic handle and smart design makes it easy to use even for extended periods.

4. Scosche MagicGrip Freeflow Car Wireless Charging Support

If you want to charge your iPhone in your car, then this accessory provides charging and a comfortable dock for wirelessly charging your iPhone at up to 7.5W for iPhone 8 and later models, which will come in handy for using GPS navigation or just keeping your phone topped up while driving.

It has a FreeFlow technology to ensure your iPhone remains at a comfortable temperature and airflow circulates while charging.

5. Polaroid HiPrint Bluetooth photo printer

iPhones and smartphones in general have become the devices that connect us, and they’re almost always on hand to take photos or videos. By coupling these devices with innovative gadgets, we can take things even further. How about turning every moment into a high-quality print in less than 30 seconds? The Polaroid HiPrint printer is an incredibly practical accessory thanks to its size to print paper photos instantly from the iPhone, giving you long-lasting souvenirs of moments important or whimsical.

Complement and enhance the possibilities of the device

These are just five of the countless accessory options available to take advantage of the iPhone’s many features. One of the main benefits of buying a device from Apple is the huge amount of gadgets that go on the market continuously during the life of the device. Incredibly practical accessories that are ideal for those technosexual people or individuals for whom technology is exciting and interesting.

The Apple iPhone is special and proposes new ways to interact with the world and the environment, and this can be made easier through smart accessories such as those mentioned above – original brands, good quality and with thousands of positive reviews.

Last modified: February 9, 2023

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