The 5 Best Apps to Help You Discover Melbourne


If you don’t live Down Under, there are quite a few things you probably don’t know about Australia. First of all, the seasons are backwards there – Christmas and New Year’s Eve are in the middle of the summer. Next, there’s the fact that Australians love to play the pokies, especially online. Although the country’s gambling laws are quite restrictive, millions of Aussie players visit the Royal Vegas each year. Which is not a surprise, since the Royal Vegas has an excellent collection of games, both on desktops and mobile devices. Besides, the selection of specials it throws its players’ way is talk of the trade. No wonder so many Aussie pokies fans choose the Royal Vegas as their preferred gaming destination – even if they do it for fun.

Another lesser-known fact about Australia is that it’s the country with the tenth lowest population density – on average, it has 8.12 people for each square mile of its surface. This explains the fact that its second most populous city, Melbourne (the capital of its Victoria state) has a population that hardly exceeds 4 million, far below the most densely populated settlements of the world.

There are many more things you don’t know about Australia, as well as its second most densely populated city. If you are curious about finding out more, or planning to visit Melbourne, here is the list of the best 5 best Melbourne travel apps that will help you prepare for the experience.

The Wine Regions of Victoria

When you think of Australia (as an outsider, of course), kangaroos, koalas, and boomerangs are the first ones to pop into mind – not wines. The Wine Regions of Victoria is the best way to clear up this misconception. This official app, offered free by Tourism Victoria, enumerates all the 22 wine regions of the state, and has a list of over 200 wineries for visitors to explore.

Vic Heritage

For those who want to find out more about the past of Melbourne, and the state of Victoria. Vic Heritage offers its users access to the Victorian Heritage Database, complete with guides and information about the architecture, history, and heritage of the city and the state.

Our City

If you plan to take a walking tour of Melbourne, make sure to download and install the Our City app. The app allows visitors to take a walking tour of the city accompanied by local artists, celebrities, and socialites, listening to their tales about how life is in Melbourne.

Train Trapper

A quick and easy help to find your way through Melbourne’s Metro Train Network. The app will detect the users’ location, and displays the upcoming trains at the nearest station. It also notifies users of train stations in proximity – an invaluable tool for a walking tour of the city.

SilverTop Taxi

Last, but not least, another useful transportation app – SilverTop Taxi. To skip the phone queue, users can quickly order a cab using this app, track the car’s approach, get alerts – either by call or text – when the cab is close, and book a ride for later.

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