Smart TVs: The Next Step to a Smarter Home?

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A Smart TV is the perfect complement to a modern Smart Home setup. While smart home applications primarily support pre-programmed automation, a smart TV offers many interactive features designed to provide a rich multimedia experience in the living room. But with so many options on the market in 2017, which Smart TV is the best in 2017?

PC gaming with Samsung

The secret behind the abbreviations QLED and OLED is the way the screens light up. With OLED displays, these are the many millions of pixels that shine. Each pixel consists of an organic light-emitting diode and a microscopically small component that lights up when an electrical voltage is applied. On TV screens, red, green, blue and white OLEDs are used to provide a vast array of colour combinations capable of various degrees of brightness as well as to the darkest blacks.

This is not all that makes Samsung QLED TVs are perfectly suited for gaming purposes. They have low input and display latency as well as the great picture quality and even when played on for a long time there is no burn-in or image retention effects giving Samsung QLED TVs a long service life. Modern smart TVs are real all-rounders. In addition to watching films and series either live or on demand, they also have games such as Pacman, Golf and Poker built in and as they typically have a web browser app you can play slots online along with other classic games on the TV as well.

With the Steam Link app, PC gamers can enjoy many top games in full UHD quality on their compatible Samsung Smart TVs, without the need to connect additional hardware to the TV, so the purchase of an additional Steam Link adapter is not necessary. All you have to do is connect the Samsung Smart TV and the  PC to the same Wi-fi network and start the desired Steam Link-enabled game on your PC. Just open the Steam Link app on the Smart TV and you’re ready to go.

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LG Smart TV for more fun

LG launched the new smart TV portal called “Game World” at the IFA. The Game World was developed for all CINEMA 3D Smart TV models and heralds the era of casual games. The portal offers the possibility to search, buy and play game apps in 2D as well as in 3D via an intuitive interface. Many of the offers can be easily played with third-party gamepads or LG’s Magic Remote. Intuitive interface, compatibility with Magic Remote and 3D features guarantee the ultimate in gaming enjoyment. With the LG Smart TV, the TV becomes a multimedia console that lets you access various entertainment services via the Internet. You can rent movies and TV shows easily and play online from the comfort of your sofa.

Get Smart

A “smart” TV is characterised first and foremost by its connectivity and its intelligence in terms of computing power. Often referred to as “hybrid TV”, these models can retrieve many other functions via different interfaces, such as those that have typically been used on the computer to date. Which one you choose for the best gaming experience, is up to you as the smart TV follows in the footsteps of the smartphone which has been the must-have device for a long time. Now it is the smart TV with being one more step in the journey to having a smart home and a smarter lifestyle.

Last modified: December 28, 2017

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