Should you consider investing in a gaming chair?

Once you have your PC set up ready for gaming, it can be time to consider the furniture in your games room – particularly the chair you sit on to play. There are specialist gaming chairs on the market, but not everyone favours these, as some prefer to use a simple office chair. This piece will look at whether a gaming chair is a worthwhile investment.

There is no question that office chairs and gaming chairs are the only type that are really suitable for long periods playing games, but which is the better option? Well in a comparison of gaming and office chairs the former has one distinct advantage: it has been created specifically for sitting on for lengthy, continuous periods of time. What that means in practical terms is strong support for both the neck and shoulders and the lower back region, whereas by comparison, many office chairs have to be sat on with a straight back to benefit from the support they offer – which is hardly ideal over a long stretch. A lot of the gaming chairs on the market include integrated headrests of the sort found in racing cars, alongside armrests that can you can adjust for additional flexibility and movement during the game.

There are several different kinds of gaming chair available now though, ranging from the PC Gaming Chair – which is the type most commonly used by gamers – to the Rocker Gaming Chair that does not have legs, but sits directly on the floor and allows you to rock back and forth while you game. For PC gaming, the chair that is currently considered to be the best model on the market is the Secret Lab Titan Series chair. This features the aforementioned adjustable armrests, while also being adjustable for greater lumbar support. The thick foam and high backrest are intended to ensure maximum comfort, but all of this comes with a price tag of nearly £350 – which is one of the biggest arguments against these chairs.

Most gaming chairs on the market just now are very expensive and the ones that are cheaper tend to not offer much more than a normal office chair can provide. The vast majority of office chairs that you can buy will come with decent armrests and adjustable height so that you can set this to meet your needs. When considering whether a gaming chair  is a worthwhile investment or not you have to decide whether you can afford the cost and whether the additional bells and whistles designed to improve the overall comfort are enough to justify it. A specialist gaming chair will not make you better at the games you play, but it can have advantages in ensuring you remain relaxed during long play sessions.

Gaming chairs have the benefit of being the most comfortable seating option for gamers, but the extremely high cost of the best ones makes it debatable whether they are really worth it unless you are playing for very long periods every day.

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