Rogues: the kings of WoW Classic


The rogue is a very special class in WoW Classic, which can dominate in all areas of the game. It has exciting skills, but also has to cope with some weaknesses.

Rogues are the best choice for everyone!

The rogue races with his two-handed weapons into close combat, where he inflicts enormous damage on one target in particular. Damage so high that it can be one of the best damage experts in dungeons, PvP, and raids. In the raids, he benefits above all from his ability to disappear, which enables him to reset all threats generated to zero at the push of a button. While other offensive styles of play sometimes have to play with the handbrake applied, the rogue can go full throttle all the time. In PvP and leveling, he also lives from his stealth – he decides when a fight starts – and the umpteen anesthetics. It also packs special features such as the poisons that he smears on his blades and the lock claw skill with which you open locked boxes and doors: There are many good reasons to play a rogue in WoW Classic.

The downside

Villains wrap themselves in leather and therefore take a good beating in direct exchange of blows. If you are traveling solo, you should definitely pack enough bandages and something to eat! In addition, rogues offer little useful benefits to their groups outside of the damage: in other words, they do not make their bystanders better. Oh, and offensive warriors or hunters are also keen on rogues’ loot since it offers great value in terms of safe WoW Classic gold.

Energy and combo points

Many rogue abilities cost energy, the resource is shown below your health bar with a yellow bar. Your rogue regenerates 20 points of energy every two seconds. 100 energy is the maximum. However, this can be increased, for example through the talent life force, There are also improvements with which you can optimize your energy efficiency – more on that later. With the main attacks, you also build up a second resource: combo points. You need these points for finishing moves. The more combo points you use for a finishing move, five are possible, the more effective it is. Warning: Unlike in Battle for Azeroth, you build up your combo points for your targeted opponent in Classic. As soon as you change the destination or it dies, you lose the resource counters that have not been used until then.

The best races for rogues

Because of the sword specialization, Alliance rogues choose the people best for PvE. For PvP, we recommend the fighters of the blue lion banner Gnome or Dwarves. Horde rogues who want to dominate in PvE and PvP area, create an orc – thanks to boiling blood and toughness. The will of the abandoned serves as a great alternative for battlefields and duels. From berserk trolls, unfortunately, it benefits only really when you’re badly injured.

Last modified: January 23, 2020

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